4 hour venture is an event format designed to validate ideas and built web-prototypes in just 4 hours. It’s like Startup Weekend but on steroids. 

If you are interested in buying one of the projects, feel free to contact me via with the name of the project and the price you offer.

bosch_logo4 Hour Ventures Karlsruhe are supported by BOSCH and Pioniergarage.  


You need some relaxation? Just come to this website and enjoy a nice beach setting, a waterfall fireplace.

Solar System Demo
This site demonstrates how our solar system works in 3D. You can also view it on your mobile device.

Weather Layer
Want to know how the weather is all over the world? Use this map to browse the world and see the actual weather and clouds.

This website might be for sale
Do you want to get offers for your web projects? We make it pretty easy for potential buyers to get in contact with you. With just one line of Javascript.

Take a moment to relax with these stimulating binaural ASMR sounds. CAUTION: This website might cause you brain orgasms!

Unicode Table
This website offers you the full unicode tables. You can search for a specific sign or just browse the huge catalogue.

Everyday Hack
Have you ever been surprised on how a little trick can make your life way easier? This site is dedicated for those little hacks we can apply every day.

Job Title Generator
Create your own job title with this handy job title generator. The site generates over 1 million different job titles and generates a nice business card preview for you.

How to start a blog
Starting an own blog is super easy and cheap these days. But still a lot of people don’t know that they can actually create their own blog without technical knowledge in just 10 minutes.

Job interview at
Want to apply for a job at a big company? Sometimes they have very strange questions they will throw at you when you have the job interview. Prepare yourself…

You are in need for a new idea? Let the crowd do the work for you. Tweedees offers you a stream of new ideas sourced by Twitter users.

HTML Colour Codes
Easy way to find out HTML color codes. targeted at the british english audience – hence the domain with “ou”.

Find out what information is stored on your smartphone pictures. We show you the geo location and various other information thats stored in the picture.

Cute cat licking your screen. You have to see this! Some people cant stop watching for hours.

What a nice puppy licking your screen all clean. Check it out and be amazed…

White Noise
White noise is said to help us stimulate the brain and improve productivity. Works best with headphones.

New Year’s Countdown
Countdown to the new year. Perfect website to have open on dec 31st and use as countdown till the new year.

Christmas Clock
This clock is counting down to christmas. So you always know how long you have to wait for next christmas.


Silvester Countdown
Countdown zum neuen Jahr – einfacher Dienst, der an einem Tag im Jahr populär ist.

Jobtitel Generator
Der Jobtitel generator erzeugt dir einen hippen neuen Jobtitel inklusive passender Visitenkarte. Falls dich dein aktueller Job mal wieder etwas ankotzt.

Welches Netz
Mobilfunknetz Informationen zu den Handynetzen mit Rufnummer-Auskunft

Webseite, die dem Unendlichzeichen gewidmet ist. Hier kann man das Unendlichzeichen auch einfach kopieren, wenn man es mal schnell braucht.

Du bist auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen? Lass die Crowd für dich arbeiten! Twidee bringt dir neue Ideen, die von Twitter Nutzern veröffentlicht werden.