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About 4 Hour Ventures

4 hour venture is an event format designed to validate ideas and built web-prototypes in just 4 hours. It’s like Startup Weekend but on steroids.

About 4 Hour Ventures

It doesn’t have to take forever to get some validation or a prototype for your idea. At least we don’t think so! That’s why we created the 4 Hour Ventures organization. We provide an event framework that allows you, your colleagues, your co-workers or just people from the local community to accelerate ideas and test assumptions in only 4 hours.


Fundamentally 4 Hour Ventures is based on Lean Startup methodology. Therefore the participants will get the opportunity to do quick prototyping, work with customer validation, marked research and business model canvas.

The format

The format is pretty simple – we gather a group of people (15-20) with different competences and let them work in teams on projects of their choice. You can come with an idea or without – doesn’t matter. The workshop will be facilitated by an experienced facilitator to make everything run smooth.